Third-Party Healthcare Vendors

Third-party healthcare vendors are the electronic lifeblood of a healthcare system. They manage everything from patient electronic health records and life-sustaining medical devices, to payroll and cybersecurity. These third parties are often the most trusted, with access to a hospital’s network and sensitive data. However, with this trust and operational responsibility comes the need to identify, assess and remediate potential third-party vendor risks to the security and privacy of protected health and confidential information in a frequent and transparent way.

Until now, this process has been manual, time-consuming, non-repeatable, and expensive for vendors and healthcare providers.

Censinet offers a better, more efficient approach – one that significantly improves time to revenue and enables your teams to spend more time servicing your healthcare customers.

And one that is completely FREE to all vendors. That’s right. No cost. Ever.

With Censinet, third-party healthcare vendors quickly and easily:

  • Complete the Censinet Standard Risk Assessment once
  • Control whom has access to assessments at all times
  • Access and manage all product/service risk assessments, including any supporting evidence, in a single place
  • Respond to subsequent assessment requests with one click
  • Update any assessment changes in real-time based on product patches, minor and major upgrades
  • Spend more time selling to and supporting healthcare providers

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