About Censinet

Taking the Risk Out of Healthcare

Today, the biggest risks to patient care come from disruptions or downtime to clinical applications and medical devices caused by cyberattacks such as data breaches and ransomware.

In September of 2017, we founded Censinet with a vision to take these risks out of healthcare. Our mission is to become the trusted network for third-party vendor risk management in U.S. healthcare by 2022.

With input and guidance from a broad cross-section of healthcare providers and leaders, we set out to understand how big the issue really was for providers and vendors. We realized quickly that the old processes, workflows and technical approaches that were being used were part of the problem.

So we’ve taken on the status quo and disrupted how third-party risk is managed. We created the healthcare industry’s first collaborative cloud platform for third-party vendor risk management, built exclusively for healthcare providers by providers and healthcare experts.
Our platform is based on our core beliefs:

  • Risk is not a technical problem, it’s a business problem.
  • Risk never sleeps. It hides patiently in infusion pumps, quietly lurks on hospital networks and in the cloud, and says good morning at the end of every shift.
  • The enemy of risk is transparency.

These beliefs define who we are and drive why we are. They’re foundational to our values and DNA. They also drive us to create a better way for third-party risk management – one that is transparent, immediate, and always on.

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