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Poor Healthcare Industry Security Hygiene Places Lives at Risk

No one wants to go to the doctor’s office. Well, I guess some people do. I’m certainly not one of them. But imagine going to the doctor and then watching in horror as the medical equipment or computers the teams of doctors are working on aren’t working. That, suddenly, they come under attack just as you are “going under the knife.”READ MORE


Healthcare today: Swapping IT assets for vendor risk in a cloud-enabled world

The adoption of cloud computing in the healthcare industry has helped hospitals work more effectively and efficiently. However, it’s also brought to the forefront many new security threats. In this guest post, Kurt Hagerman, cyber strategy CxO advisor at a provider of cybersecurity advisory and assessment services, lays out a holistic approach facilities can take to maintain security when working with a large group of third-party vendors.READ MORE


Hospital CFOs are stepping into cybersecurity roles

"One of the top board priorities in 2019 is cybersecurity, yet instead of adding to the CIO's plate of functional duties, security has morphed a standalone set of practices into a strategic initiative," said Doug Brown, the founder of Black Book. "As a result of the potential financial impact of data breaches, C-suites are shifting the leadership to CFOs."READ MORE


Urgent Cyber Warning For Hospitals Over Threat Of ‘WannaCry Repeat’: Report

In the two years since the devastating WannaCry cyberattack hit worldwide, institutions have not done enough to protect themselves against a repeat. And that's especially true in the healthcare sector.

A report this week by Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) warns that hospitals "remain vulnerable to cyber attack, and must take urgent steps to defend against threats which could risk the safety of patients."READ MORE


Health Data Breach Tally: A Mid-Year Update

With half of 2019 in the rear-view mirror, what are the emerging healthcare data breach trends so far this year? Hacker/IT incidents continue to be the dominant cause of breaches, while another formerly common cause - lost or stolen devices - has become relatively rare, according to the federal tally.READ MORE