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GE Healthcare: the future of cybersecurity in healthcare

To help hospitals combat cybersecurity threats, GE Healthcare has developed a new solution - Skeye - which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and process management tools, to provide proactive monitoring of a hospital's resources and capabilities. READ MORE


GE Healthcare Launches New Medical Device Cybersecurity Offering to Help Health Systems Better Protect against Risk

Vendor-agnostic solution helps hospitals to proactively monitor and mitigate cybersecurity threats through GE Healthcare’s dedicated network of IT and OT security professionals.READ MORE


Medical Devices Intro Major Bluekeep Risk to Hospitals

Medical devices represent a major risk to healthcare organizations (HCOs), and are twice as likely as standard network devices to be vulnerable to Bluekeep, according to CyberMDX.READ MORE


From Data to AI: How these 4 tech trends are reshaping healthcare

The rest of 2020 and heading into 2021 will be defined by duality of data security and data integration, and providers’ ability to execute on these priorities. That in turn will, in many ways, determine their effectiveness. READ MORE


DOJ Charges Against Chinese Concerns Alert US Businesses To Watch Their Supply Chains

Systematic assaults from foreign entities such as China alert US businesses to watch their supply chains. Cybersecurity threats come in many shapes and forms including cloud, hardware, software, third-party data sharing, Internet of Things, contractor, and employee risks.READ MORE