Best Practices for Third-Party Risk Management

Are your IT and security teams struggling with limited resources, expanding cloud-based networks, and ineffective assessment tools when it comes to managing third-party risks? As data security compliance standards evolve to keep pace with the growth of threats, it is essential for healthcare organizations to maintain industry best practices. 

Hear from your security and IT peers at leading healthcare facilities across the country as they describe their experience transitioning to a cloud-based third-party risk management platform built exclusively for healthcare. After evaluating and comparing a variety of solutions, these top executives decided Censinet was the best platform on the market. In these video interviews, you will gain insight into how your peers were able to overcome cybersecurity hurdles including: 

  • Inefficient workflows and shifting priorities 
  • Non-standardized vendor assessment processes
  • Extensive, slow back-and-forth communications with vendors
  • Lack of visibility for staff and key stakeholders
  • Limited IT security staff and resources

If you’re tired of spending countless hours collecting vendor data from scattered phone calls, spreadsheets, and emails, find out if Censinet is right for your unique environment and needs. Simply fill out the form to the right to watch top healthcare IT and security executives explain how our “must-have” solution has permanently altered the risk assessment landscape for their organizations.

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Best Practices for Third-Party Risk Management