For Healthcare Organizations


Risk management is notoriously underfunded. You’re charged with protecting the information in your care. But the demands keep growing…along with the backlog. You have to guard against risk, but you don’t have to let it hold you back.

We founded Censinet to speed the adoption of innovation in healthcare. We’re healthcare data risk experts. It’s all we do. And while no organization will ever be 100% risk free, you absolutely can be 100% risk aware. The intelligence behind the Censinet platform will permanently boost your risk bandwidth.

Where Are You in Your
Risk Assessment Journey?

  • If you’re using manual systems like spreadsheets, Censinet offers free advice and information. We want you to get the most out of your risk program right now with the Censinet resource library.
  • If you have a dedicated Risk Analyst function in your organization, then the Censinet platform can drive efficiency and offer you streamlined processes and automation. And if you’re running the larger IT function and looking to step up, Censinet can help you right-size your approach.

Censinet is focused on risk management in healthcare. We studied all the roadblocks to onboarding new vendors, and we want to share our risk tools with you. Everything we’ve built is specific to healthcare data risk. Our standardized questions have been carefully crafted to get useful answers. Our shared library of vendors means you and your peers benefit from each other’s work. The Censinet platform is intuitive for risk professionals, managing every step of the process. And our support is unmatched.

Fast Assessments

HCOs with Censinet cut their average time to assess a new vendor from 8 weeks to less than one. Clear out that backlog in no time.

Super Efficient

Censinet allows each Risk Analyst to blaze through three times the risk assessments. You get to spend time on executive tasks instead of shuffling around questionnaires.

Automate Workflows

Two thirds of HCOs have not fully automated their risk process. If that includes you, the Censinet platform offers tested workflows that put you in control.

Exceptional Questions

Standardize your assessment questionnaire to the highest standard. We guarantee the quality of our risk questions will transform your effectiveness.

Stay in Front

No more backlog. Automate re-assessments and you’ll stay on top of changes to risk. This one improvement makes your data meaningfully safer.

Manage Remediation

With a fully managed process, you always have instant access to supporting documents. Remediations become a snap.

Getting Started

Just the Facts

Becoming a trusted partner involves some legwork. We get to know your environment, standards, special concerns and requirements – all at no cost or risk to you.

Taking the Case

You get everything Censinet offers for one annual fee based on size and number of locations. No extras—no modules, no hardware, no training costs. Everything is included.

On the Scene

Our Boston-based team arrives onsite to get you started as quickly as 2 days. We don’t charge any set up fees, and you won’t be able to chase us away until you’re confident.