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Filled out enough risk questionnaires? If not, you must not be selling into healthcare. Getting your product approved for purchase by a healthcare organization is tough. You push through all the steps to prove your value, and the journey to contract has barely budged.

Healthcare data is sensitive, we get it. Every little thing that might touch that data gets stuck on a very slow track through the obstacle course of “risk assessment.” It’s a frustrating black box of endless, repetitive questions.

Software revisions aren’t really relevant to my product, but the hospital is asking for a “yes” or “no.” Is there someplace to explain? And for this one, what if I’m on schedule to be in compliance when the contract goes into effect…is that a “yes?” And haven’t I answered these questions (or really similar ones) a hundred times already?

There has got to be a more efficient way to do business while respecting data security.

  • What if I could fill out these questions just once and get some control over this process?
  • Why can’t the questions be consistent and relevant?
  • What if I could see exactly how we are being evaluated for data risk?
  • How can I clear out the old information?
  • Could I improve our risk rating to make more sales?
  • Is it too much to ask that our solution be considered on a level playing field with everybody else’s?
  • And please could it be free?

Yep, that’s what we thought too.

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Cut Your Workload

Chasing down risk questions takes valuable time. The average healthcare vendor has five FTEs dedicated to these risk inquiries. Say goodbye to that headache.

Speed Up Deals

Help HCOs make their decision fast. We reduce the time to validate a vendor from an average of 8 weeks to less than one, so you get onboard sooner.

It’s Free

Use our platform at no cost to you. Other companies charge vendors and try to certify their risk. We’re not getting between you and your customers.

Get Access

An active profile in the Censinet directory gets you in front of our HCO customers. You get a new way to access forward-thinking healthcare organizations.

Fix It Yourself

HCOs are already using our system to evaluate you. Make sure the information they’re using to evaluate you is accurate and up to date.

Share Your Profile

You’re in control of your risk profile. Share your risk answers with any HCO you want to work with, whether they’re using our platform or not.

Get on Track

You don’t just get a profile, you get a workflow to manage all of your risk assessments. Our platform walks you through the process.

Boost Your Score

Now that you can see your risk score, you can start working on any areas you want to improve. Decide how you want to raise your own risk rating.

Coordinate the Team

Now you can distribute responsibility across your team and make sure those risk questions are getting answered promptly and correctly.

Fewer Questions

Stop answering questions over and over. We right-size risk and allow you to share your responses across HCOs.

Faster Set Up

It’s likely an HCO is already evaluating you in our system. Just claim your profile, make sure the information is correct, and you’re already ahead.

Yes or No

Poorly written questions take the most time of all. We spent years crafting binary risk questions that just make sense. It saves you heaps of time.

Total Transparency

Instead of wondering how HCOs are evaluating you, see the questions, understand how you rank, and finally get full visibility into their risk decisions.

Control Access

You decide what information you want to share. Only share your risk profile with HCOs you authorize when you’re ready.

Level the Field

Don’t give up and lose to a broken system. When you take control of your risk profile, you get to fight for the business on equal terms.

Who Is Censinet?

Censinet leads healthcare organizations through the minefield of data security risk. We were frustrated too. Frustrated with how long it’s taking for innovation to be welcomed into the healthcare system. So we started Censinet to get great vendors plugged into great medical institutions faster. That’s why we make it so easy for you to participate. Making it free and easy for you makes risk assessment work better for everyone. Together we can cut through the red tape and inefficiency to enable the very best care.

What’s Our Vision For You?

You’ve done the work. You’ve got a great solution to bring to healthcare. Don’t let the last step kill a terrific business relationship dead in its tracks. Let us smooth the way for you. Stop filling out endless copies of questionnaires. Claim your Censinet profile. (Did we mention it’s free?) You can see what it says about you and take back control.

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