The Censinet Third-Party Vendor Risk Management Software Platform

Censinet solves the challenges of managing third-party vendor risk management in a completely different way. At its core, Censinet eliminates the use of inefficient spreadsheets and simplifies, automates, and streamlines risk management workflows. Unlike other solutions, Censinet is built specifically for healthcare providers and their challenges. Censinet delivers a standardized set of questions that accurately captures and rates risk across five critical risk areas: Financial, Legal and Regulatory, Information Security, Availability, and Resiliency.
Scalable Cloud Architecture

Built on the cloud, the Censinet Platform is a two-sided network that connects you and your supply chain of third-party vendors.

Real-Time Intelligence

Provides real-time monitoring of and alerts to risk changes, assessments, and other critical product updates. Comprehensive dashboards and reporting deliver a 360 degree view of vendor risk for your health system.

Overthrow the third-party vendor risk management status quo in healthcare.